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Listen is a world leader in audio test and measurement systems (audio analyzers). Listen’s flagship product, SoundCheck®, is a software and sound card based electroacoustic test and measurement system that can be customized with a selection of software options and audio input devices (dual or multichannel) to build a system to your exact specifications and budget.

Applications include all types of electroacoustic test; laboratory and production line test & measurement of all types of transducers and audio equipment including loudspeakers, microphones, hearing aids, telephones, headphones, headsets, MP3 players and audio electronics. Products are also available to test mechanical noise, for example in fans and other electrical devices.

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Embedded microphone test final display

Using SoundCheck and the recording properties of a smartphone, a microphone embedded in a phone can be tested for a fraction of the cost of conventional methods, as expensive equipment for simulating the phone call is not required. Learn more >>