SoundCheck Overview

cellphone testSoundCheck is an accurate and powerful software-based electro-acoustic and audio electronic measurement system which is built to your specifications. Its many data acquisition options and software modules, together with easy integration into both production and R&D test environments make it ideal for all your testing requirements from the engineering laboratory to the factory floor. Please browse the following pages to learn more about SoundCheck for testing a wide range of single and multichannel audio devices.

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SoundCheck Overview: What is SoundCheck, what does is consist of, and how can it be tailored to your precise needs?

SoundCheck for R&D: What makes SoundCheck the test system of choice for audio product design labs worldwide? Learn about SoundCheck's accuracy and power, test flexibility, compatibility with other laboratory equipment and advanced report writing functions.

SoundCheck for Production: Why do many companies worldwide own multiple copies of SoundCheck for Production line use? Learn about SoundCheck's speed, reliability, noise immunity, production line integration and database and statistical capabilities.

SoundCheck for Global Use: What makes SoundCheck different from other products when you are standardizing testing worldwide? Learn about language options, sequence sharing, transfer of data files and more.

Technical Specifications: Detailed technical specifications

Features: Detailed information about some of the more advanced features of SoundCheck such as virtual instruments and algorithms used.

Software packages: Information on the various standard configurations of SoundCheck

Applications: Learn more about how SoundCheck can be used for testing loudspeakers, microphones, hearing aids, telephones, headsets, headphones, MP3 players, audio electronics and more.

Demo Download: Want to try SoundCheck for free? Ask for a demo version of the software.

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