100 Things #12: Pre-configured Audio Test Sequences

SoundCheck comes pre-packaged with a full library of audio test sequences for loudspeakers, headphones, microphones, and even more complex applications like creating polar plots and triggered record acquisitions. These pre-configured sequences can be used as-is, or used as a base and customized to save development time. Additional sequences for more advanced applications such as measuring room acoustics, simulated free field measurements, and Bluetooth device measurements can be downloaded free of charge from our website.

Pre-configured Audio Test Sequences in SoundCheck

Learn more about SoundCheck’s Pre-written Test Sequences

See our library of free, downloadable test sequences.

Check your SoundCheck installation to access the basic sequences provided with SoundCheck.


Video Script: Pre-configured Audio Test Sequences Get You Testing Quickly

Did you know that Listen offers a complete library of pre-written test sequences for use with SoundCheck? Fully customizable and free of charge, these provide a springboard for developing your own sequences saving time and resources.

Basic sequences for measuring loudspeakers, microphones and headphones are found in the sequences folder installed with SoundCheck. There are also many more specialized sequences for unique applications that can be downloaded from our website.

Let’s take a closer look at one of our most widely-used basic sequences, ‘Loudspeaker Complete test’. This simple test runs a full spectrum of electroacoustic tests, as well as impedance measurement on a speaker.

You can see here that the sequence note shows how to connect the equipment and explains the instructions and sequence logic.

Now that I have everything connected, let’s open up the sequence to see all the different analyses that will take place. You can add or remove any steps that you want, tweak the stimulus, analysis or display parameters… At the very minimum, you’re going to need to customize the limits for the particular device under test.

Let’s run the test……and there you go – you can be testing in just minutes. Whether your testing needs are simple or complex, using our extensive library of preconfigured sequences can save hours in development, as well as provide examples and guidance on how to use specific SoundCheck features.

Although this sequence demonstrates a pretty simple measurement, some of our SoundCheck sequences are far more specific and complex. For example, measuring room acoustics, testing smart speakers, making simulated free field measurements, Thiele-small parameters, Bluetooth device measurements and more.