100 Things #37: Pre-written Test Sequences for Measurements to Audio Industry Standards

We offer a whole catalogue of pre-written SoundCheck test sequences to save you development time when testing to audio industry standards. Written by industry professionals in each field, these sequences cover a variety of devices and applications including headphones, communications devices, loudspeakers and more.

Pre-written Test Sequences for Measurements to Audio Industry Standards

Learn More About Test Sequences for measuring to industry standards

Check out our video and free test sequence for testing to AES75 (M-Noise) Measurement of Max SPL for Loudspeakers.

See our selection of for-purchase SoundCheck sequences for testing to standards.


Video Script: Pre-written Test Sequences for Measurements to Industry Standards

Did you know that in addition to our multitude of free resources and test sequences, Listen offers a library of “for purchase” test sequences that conform to a variety of industry standards?

Our hearing aid test package tests to the ANSI S3.22 and IEC 60318-7 standards while the EN 50332 sequence provides assurance that headphones and music players meet the Max Noise Exposure criteria set in the standard.  Other packages include calibration of a 4.1 speaker array for background noise simulation to ETSI ES 202 396-1 and measuring volume control requirements for wireless mobile devices as set forth in TIA 5050. We also offer various sequence packages for testing telephones, speaker phones and headsets to various other telecommunications standards including IEEE 1329-1999, TIA-920-B, and Doubletalk to both ITU-T P.502 and ETSI TS 126 132 standards.

Each Sequence package comes with a schematic diagram of the required hardware setup, detailed instructions for setting up your hardware, Hardware editor, calibration editor and related test hardware, and a general overview of the sequence.

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