100 Things #38: Digital Measurements – USB Headphones & Microphones

SoundCheck’s testing capabilities go beyond the analog domain. It has always been able to measure digital devices and make both analog and digital domain audio measurements simultaneously on different channels. The digital inputs and outputs inside SoundCheck are easily configured to measure USB Headsets, MEMS microphones and so on. Watch this short video to learn more.

Measuring Digital Devices with SoundCheck

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Video Script: Measuring Digital Devices such as USB Headphones & Microphones in SoundCheck

When we talk about measuring traditional transducers such as microphones and loudspeakers, we are measuring analog devices that respond to voltage and pressure. Nowadays, most microphones and loudspeakers have become quasi analog/digital devices because their analog signals are immediately transformed into the digital domain built into the design and transducer package.  With digital devices dominating the consumer electronics market today, have you wondered if you can set up digital inputs and outputs inside SoundCheck to measure USB Headsets, MEMS microphones and so on? The answer is yes.

SoundCheck supports both analog and digital inputs and outputs for measurement. Setting up digital inputs and outputs is very straightforward. All you need to do is create a new digital channel on your Hardware editor, set it to  input or output and select the appropriate digital calibration reference e.g. AES-17 when configuring the signal path inside the calibration editor. It is as simple as that and you should be ready to use your connected digital device to make audio measurements.

The digital interface can be as simple as a USB headset plugged in directly to your computer or a device plugged into a supported audio interface, or as complex as a bunch of MEMS microphones going through a digital circuit board before interfacing with the test system. You can also use a USB headphone as an input monitor if your audio interface doesn’t have one, and analog and digital inputs and outputs can be used simultaneously.

SoundCheck offers great flexibility for testing both analog and digital devices. If you’d like to take a closer look at how this works, please contact your sales engineer for a demo.