100 Things #43: Perform Analysis Outside of a Sequence with Offline Capabilities

SoundCheck’s industry-leading audio measurement tools go far beyond the test sequence. All its analysis and post-processing algorithms can be used outside of a sequence, which is perfect for  further analyzing previously measured data, data from a colleague, or data from another test lab across the globe.

Offline Analysis with SoundCheck

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See our knowledgebase article on viewing data offline.

Watch a short video on batch processing of offline data.


Video Script: Perform Analysis Outside of a Sequence with Offline Capabilities

Do you ever wish you could do a quick analysis or further processing on data you’ve already captured and saved? Offline capabilities in SoundCheck lets you do just this. You can apply all the operations that you might use in a sequence as stand-alone steps without having to use or write a test sequence. This time-saving feature lets you get more out of your data or even run SoundCheck’s advanced algorithms on data collected by other test systems.

This is particularly useful for one time analysis or processing of data. Let’s say you have two frequency response curves saved from testing a set of loudspeakers in the Memory List and you want to calculate the average of the two curves. Instead of creating a sequence to do this, you can click on the Offline Menu > Post processing and pick the processing step of your choice – in this case Average Curve.

Another example might be making a quick change to Listen hardware configuration using message steps, such as switching the microphone bias on inputs. You can even do quick offline statistical analysis.

In fact, any step that you can execute in a sequence can be run offline, making offline analysis an extremely powerful tool. This includes limits, post processing, displays, statistical analysis  and more.

This complements the comprehensive test sequence capability that Soundcheck offers and its virtual instruments for quick on-the-fly calculation of simple audio parameters. Check out our online knowledgebase and SoundCheck manual for additional information and examples.