100 Things #46: Discover SoundCheck Features with the Demo Viewer

The SoundCheck demo viewer is great way to understand the capabilities of the software without needing a full license. You can preview SoundCheck features, examine data already collected on the production line, and teach yourself how to use SoundCheck.

Teach Yourself SoundCheck with the Demo Version

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Video Script: Discover SoundCheck Features with the Demo Viewer

Did you know you can review and analyze data in SoundCheck without a paid license?

Our demo-viewer application lets you preview all of SoundCheck’s features, including recalling, importing, saving, exporting and printing data. It also allows you to implement statistical analyses such as evaluating the mean curve from a bunch of frequency responses. You can also share measurements that you’ve made on the production line or in the lab with a colleague who doesn’t have an active SoundCheck license, or someone working from home without full access to their tools.

The demo viewer is also useful for exploring SoundCheck features prior to purchase, or teaching yourself SoundCheck skills without the financial outlay. You can establish temporary audio inputs and outputs within the Hardware Editor using your Laptop’s microphone array or a USB mic and a speaker or a headset and run the example sequences that  we provide. You can explore the various analysis options in SoundCheck, view sequences and you can even experiment with creating your own sequences. What you cannot do without a paid license, however, is make accurate measurements – all measurements are randomized by up to +/- 5 dB. You also cannot save sequences or steps. Nevertheless, you can teach yourself a lot about how to use SoundCheck using the demo viewer and our vast library of free online training resources.

If you already have SoundCheck installed on your machine, the SoundCheck DemoViewer executable is in your installation directory. SoundCheck will also open in DemoViewer mode if you open up the SoundCheck application without the license key connected. If you’d like a copy of SoundCheck to try out the demo viewer, please fill out the demo request form on our website and we’ll send you a download link!