100 Things #54: TEDS Microphone Support for Fast Calibration

TEDS microphone support (with appropriate hardware) in SoundCheck makes your audio measurement system setup and calibration fast and simple. Listen’s portable and budget-friendly AudioConnect 2  audio test interface, and the AmpConnect 621 multi-channel, high resolution test interface both support TEDS.

SoundCheck Supports TEDS Microphones for Fast Calibration

Learn more about Listen’s hardware with TEDS Microphone Support

Check out the new features video for Listen’s AudioConnect 2 and AmpConnect 621, which both support TEDS microphones.


Video Script: TEDS Microphones Support in SoundCheck for Fast Calibration

A TEDS, or Transducer Electronic Data Sheet, compatible microphone, is a measurement microphone with a programmed data chip. The data chip stores a wide variety of calibration data including the microphone’s serial number, sensitivity, and date calibrated information. This makes setup and calibration with a TEDS microphone fast and easy, particularly in a multichannel system.

Did you know that SoundCheck includes direct support for TEDs microphones with supported hardware? This capability is available in SoundCheck 18 and later. When this is combined with Listen’s AmpConnect 621 multi-channel, high resolution test interface, setup and calibration could not be easier. Let’s take a look.

Here’s my SoundCheck Calibration Window with 6 separate measurement microphones with 6 signal paths and calibration files. This 6 mic array might be used for in-vehicle audio testing, for example. When a TEDS compatible test interface like Listen’s AmpConnect 621 is detected, the “Read TEDS” button in the Calibration window is available. When depressed, SoundCheck can retrieve the microphone’s serial number, mic sensitivity and calibration date directly from a TEDS mic. The process can be repeated for each connected TEDS mic. Setup could not be easier.

Now we want to hear from you. Do you use TEDS microphones for audio measurements? Let us know in the comments.  For more information, visit ListenInc.com.