100 Things #79: Lock and Password Protect Your Test Sequences with Sequence Protection

With sequence protection in SoundCheck, sequences can be password protected, preventing unauthorized modification and viewing of sequence steps and data. This feature is perfect for distributing developed sequences to third parties, where you can rest assured that sequence parameters like limits cannot be changed to alter results. Sequences can even be locked to a specific set of SoundCheck hardware keys, so only authorized systems can access the sequence. All protected SoundCheck sequences are encrypted for maximum security.

Lock and Password Protect Your Test Sequences

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SoundCheck is built from the ground up to be the most flexible, reliable test system. Read on about all of SoundCheck’s capabilities like sequence protection and more.

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It’s always been easy to share SoundCheck test sequences with your colleagues and manufacturing partners, but did you know that sequences can be locked to prevent modification, and conceal your test details? This stops your colleagues from altering them without your knowledge, and also prevents them from being copied and misappropriated if they are shared outside your organization.

Locking a sequence and password protecting it is simple. You can run the sequence as normal, but once it’s in the locked state, it cannot be modified without the password – steps, limits and other sequence parameters cannot be changed. Furthermore, the sequence details cannot even be viewed, protecting the intellectual property in your sequence.

This means that if you’re sharing your test sequences with 3rd parties –  for example, contract manufacturers – you can be confident that your products are tested exactly how you intended. No-one can adjust the limits to achieve higher yield! It also removes any risk of  your tests being modified and re-purposed for use on other product lines. 

You can even go one step further and configure a sequence to only run on a particular SoundCheck system, or block of system hardware keys. This is also simple to configure – either by entering the hardware key laser IDs, or importing a list from a CSV file. Locking a sequence to your particular systems adds another layer of security, and gives you additional confidence in your test set-up, as you know your measurements are being made on a genuine SoundCheck system with all the capabilities needed to successfully run the sequence.

And, just one final word of caution… all sequence protection data is encrypted for maximum security, so make sure you have that password in a safe place! 

This feature is available in SoundCheck 21 and higher. Check out the user manual or ask your sales engineer for additional information.