Advanced Microphone Measurement Seminar

In this pair of 60 minute online seminars, Listen’s Support Manager, Steve Tatarunis, discusses some of the more advanced aspects of microphone testing including:

Part 1: Presented on Feb 18, 2021. View Recording.

  • Substitution, Equalized Source and Transfer Function sequences in SoundCheck, including how to calibrate for these measurements. This is an expansion of material covered in the ‘basic microphone testing webinar’ and include more details about the sequences and calibration and the trade-offs of each method.
  • Advanced measurements including polar plot, self-noise, signal to noise, distortion, active/passive noise rejection

Part 2: Presented on Mar18, 2021. View Recording.

  • Phase
  • Open loop microphone testing for voice activated devices such as smart speakers, automotive audio etc.
  • Advanced hardware and test configurations for measuring microphone arrays and MEMS devices