Advanced Microphone Test Part 1

Listen’s Support Manager, Steve Tatarunis, discusses some of the more advanced aspects of microphone test. This is an expansion of material covered in the Basic Microphone Testing webinar. This seminar is of interest to anyone testing microphone characteristics, both in an R&D and production line environment. This is part one of two in our advanced microphone measurement seminar series, with part two also available on our website. The tests featured in this seminar can be used both at component level, whether selecting microphones for devices or component QC, or these tests can be performed on finished products like smartphones, smart speakers, and more.

Seminar topics include:

  • Demo of microphone test methods substitution, equalized source, and transfer function in SoundCheck
    • How to calibrate for these measurements
    • What are the trade-offs?
  • Advanced microphone test measurements
    • Polar plot
    • Self noise and signal to noise
    • Open loop
    • Active/passive noise rejection

Presenters: Steve Tatarunis
Duration: 63 Mins

Advanced microphone test resources

SoundCheck comes with many pre-written sequences including the sequences demonstrated in this seminar including the microphone test sequences for measuring microphone self noise, microphone substitution, frequency response and sensitivity, and open loop. Additionally, we offer the sequences featured in this seminar microphone polar plot measurements with the new MDT-4000 turntable and open loop microphone test in our sequence library for download. Along with the sequences featured in this seminar, our sequence library is full of additional pre-written sequences for basic microphone measurement.

More about advanced microphone tests

Check out our main page on Microphones, which includes links to test sequences, relevant products and more.