AISE, Las Vegas, NV, Jan 3-4, 2017

aise_2017_theme_v2-66122415_stdThis years AISE (formerly knows as the ALMA Winter Symposium) focus will be on ‘The future of mobile audio” and Listen will be showcasing its suite of audio measurement equipment for measuring automotive audio, headphones, smartphones and tablets and more.

Listen will be exhibiting at ALMA’s AISE Symposium on Jan 3-4, 2017. In keeping with the symposium’s theme on mobile audio, we will be demonstrating the flexibility of the SoundCheck system for several different headphone measurements including lightning headphones (open loop test), high resolution headphone testing and production headphone testing using the GRAS 45cc production test head.

Steve Temme will also be presenting a paper co-written with Patrick Denis at Nissan Technical Center North America, Inc. on In-Vehicle Audio System Distortion Audibility versus Level and Its Impact on Perceived Sound Quality, and Les Quindipan will be leading an exhibitor demo session on open loop measurement of lightning headphones.