AISE, Las Vegas, NV, Jan 5-6, 2018

aise_2018This year’s AISE (formerly knows as the ALMA Winter Symposium) will focus on ‘The Revolution of the Audio Signal Chain” and Listen will be showcasing its suite of audio measurement equipment for measuring smart speakers, automotive audio, headphones, smartphones and tablets and more.

We will be exhibiting the new Version 16 of our SoundCheck software, demonstrating how flexible is for testing all types of audio devices, regardless of signal path. We will demonstrate how we can test both the speaker and microphone array performance of an internet-enabled smart speaker, and also how we can test a variety of headphones with different signal paths, such as USB, Lightning and noise-cancelling and high resolution headphones.

Steve Temme will also be presenting a paper co-written with Viktor Dobos at Harman Hungary on ‘Evaluation of Audio Test Methods and Measurements for End- of-Line Loudspeaker Quality Control’ and Daniel Knighten will present ‘Challenges of IoT Smart Speaker Testing’, a paper co-written with Glenn Hess of Indy Acoustic Research.