Audio Testing with SoundCheck at Sound Hub Denmark

February 25th, 2020. 8.30-17.00

Learn how to measure audio quality of both simple and complex modern audio devices, in both R&D and production environments. Get to know the basics of SoundCheck; one of the world’s most popular audio test software systems, and learn about how to build a test sequence incl. recommendations for the equipment used. Additionally, you will get familiar with specific methods and conditions applied for voice-activated audio testing for e.g. automotive among others.

Join us for an inspiring day, where the Founder and President of Listen, Inc., Steve Temme from US together with Danish representatives and people from GRAS share knowledge about do’s and don’ts.

Sound Hub Denmark has the software and recommended equipment in house to further assist you after this course.

Program Outline

8.30–9.00: Sign-in & welcome

9.00-12.00: Audio Measurement Basics: What to measure and why

  • Learn about different test configurations and the products you need for a test system (software, microphones, interfaces, chambers etc.)
  • Understand the basics of SoundCheck – one of the  world’s most popular audio test systems used on over 10,000 production lines worldwide
  • Learn how to build a simple test sequence for speakers and microphones in SoundCheck, and how to adapt this for different products
  • Common challenges and pitfalls with audio testing
  • Transitioning test from the R&D lab to the production line

12.30: Light lunch

13.15-16.00: Voice-Activated Device Testing, Automotive, smart speakers, hearables

  • Automotive infotainment systems, hearables, smart speakers and many other audio devices are now voice-activated. Such devices are complex to test as they have numerous wired and wireless connections and often contain signal processing, both on the record and the playback side. This means that their characteristics change according to ‘real world’ conditions of the environment that they are used in, such as automotive cabin and roaad noise, background noise, playback levels, and room acoustics. Furthermore, many aspects of the device may need to be tested, ranging from voice recognition to music playback, operation as a hands-free telephone, and even hearing assistance. Often measurements need to be made at different levels and different environmental conditions. In this session, we will discuss the test configurations, tools and techniques that enable accurate measurement of the audio performance of such devices under the many various real-world conditions in which they are used.

16.00-17.00: Hands on and drinks

Space is limited so please sign up on the event page on the Sound Hub Website.