AudioConnect 2 Audio Measurement Interface Demonstration

What makes an audio measurement interface different from any other audio interface? This is a good question. As you probably know, SoundCheck works with most audio interfaces – this is advantageous as our customers can use hardware they already own, keeping the overall system cost down.

However, if you don’t have an audio interface and need to get one at the same time as your test system, there are many advantages to purchasing dedicated test hardware such as the AudioConnect 2, or for multi-channel applications, the AmpConnect 621. They include many features specifically designed for audio test, such as microphone power and internal switching. This saves money on other components. They are designed for production and field measurements so they are ruggedly constructed, and unnecessary features such as front panel controls are eliminated to avoid accidental adjustment. Perhaps more importantly, Listen’s audio interfaces are configured for full plug’n’play automated setup that hugely simplifies the setup process and virtually eliminates the possibility of incorrect configuration.

Watch this short 5 minute video to learn more.

 AudioConnect 2 Audio Measurement Interface Demonstration Video

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Check out our product information page, and another short video that we made explaining the philosophy around offering our latest generation audio interfaces.

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