AudioConnect 2 Support in SoundCheck

AudioConnect 2 Support is available in SoundCheck version 21 and later.
SoundCheck 21 supports AudioConnect 2TM, Listen’s new compact and high resolution (up to 192 kHz) dual-channel audio interface. AudioConnect 2 is designed for measurements anywhere from the production line to out in the field. With the option to power it via a laptop USB-C port, it is compact, portable, and easy to use. Set-up and configuration is extremely simple and fast with full plug-and-play functionality and TEDS support for automatic identification, configuration and calibration of microphones and accelerometers. AudioConnect 2 has no front panel controls; it is exclusively configured via the SoundCheck software. This provides an added level of test integrity by ensuring that settings cannot be inadvertently adjusted outside of your test configuration.

Watch the video demo of AudioConnect 2 Support

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