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25% discounts on 3 and 5 year support contracts

Our support contracts are the best kept secret in town! Not only do they guarantee you priority support throughout the year, but they also include the next version of SoundCheck at no extra cost. Yes, you read that right. A support contract gets you the next version of SoundCheck at less than the cost of […]

Discounted Hearing Aid Test Bundle

Are you testing hearing aids? Or considering implementing hearing aid tests on headphones or hearables? SoundCheck tests hearing aids at every step of the way from algorithm development to finished product. Check out our discounted hearing aid test bundle! Until Dec 31 2022 we’re offering our ANSI S3.22:2014 Hearing Aid sequences package, along with the […]

Up to 50% off

Level up to the latest version of SoundCheck with up to 50% off list price. Until the end of 2022, we’re discounting upgrades to the latest SoundCheck version by up to 50%  when you also purchase a support contract. We’re recently introduced many new features including enhanced perceptual distortion, a fully-featured multichannel RTA, upgraded signal […]

Free Polar Plot Module and Sequence with Turntable Purchase

We’re excited to launch the new MDT-4000 turntable from Portland Tool and Die. This new turntable, specifically designed for the needs of the audio test industry, delivers accuracy, flexibility, portability and more at a very competitive price. To celebrate this product launch, we’re giving away our Polar Plot module ( $500 value) for free with […]

Free Upgrade to 8 Channel System With AmpConnect 621 Purchase

When you purchase our AmpConnect 621 multichannel audio interface, we’ll upgrade your SoundCheck system to 8 channels at no additional cost – that’s a saving of up to $1,500. This up-levels your system to a 6-in, 2-out multichannel system ideal for measuring mic arrays, automotive audio, noise canceling headphones and more. Used with the multichannel […]

通信测试研讨会 / Communications Testing Seminar

中国时间12月15日上午10点 / Dec 15th, 10am China time 通信测试不仅适用于电话! 与我们一起参加由通信行业专家 John Bareham 主持的演示研讨会吧,我们将展示如何使用行业标准程序评估智能扬声器、耳机、可穿戴设备以及所有类型的电话等设备。 我们将讨论设备、标准,并演示 TIA920B 和 TIA5050 标准的部分,以及 Doubletalk 测量和 POLQA 分析,所有这些都能在 SoundCheck 中找到。 主持人:Steve Temme、John Bareham、Les Quindipan Communications tests are not just for telephones! Join us for a demo-packed seminar with communications industry expert, John Bareham as we show how to evaluate devices such as […]

25% off all additional modules

Extend the functionality of your SoundCheck system with additional modules! Typically priced at $500-$2,000, add-on modules provide additional analysis, post-processing and display options, or add additional channels to your system. Options added in the past few years include POLQA, room acoustics, chart recorder, distortion meter, enhanced database and more. Naturally our popular long-standing options such […]

Polar Plot (MDT-4000 Turntable) Sequence

This sequence measures the polar response of a loudspeaker in both the vertical and horizontal dimensions. It is designed to work with the Portland Tool & Die MDT-4000 turntable, and has all the necessary commands to automatically rotate it via RS-232. The sequence uses a log sweep stimulus with the Time Selective Response algorithm so […]