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100 Things #82: Measuring Audio Leakage From A VR Headset

Virtual Reality Headsets may be new to the market, but users already expect excellent sound quality to enhance the immersive experience. SoundCheck’s flexibility means you can measure almost any device including VR headsets, by leveraging it’s step-based sequence functionality. VR headset measurements can be made with the same parameters as any other headset; frequency response, […]

SoundCheck 21 New Features

Check out our short demo video for a brief introduction to all the new features in SoundCheck 21. From exciting new algorithms for transient distortion detection, to security features to protect your sequences, it features something for everyone! SoundCheck 21 New Features  Ready to try SoundCheck 21 for yourself? If you are ready to […]

100 Things #81: Using Statistics to Overcome Fit Variation for Headset Measurements

SoundCheck’s statistics allows for multiple measurements from a sequence to be analyzed together, to determine results like average and standard deviation. Using statistics can overcome placement variations when measuring headsets on a head and torso simulator. This sequence demonstrates a measurement of a USB headset, performed five times, where the headset is removed and repositioned […]

100 Things #80: View Data in Real Time With the Multi-FFT and Multi-RTA

SoundCheck’s powerful virtual instruments let you perform measurements in real time, now with even more multichannel features in SoundCheck 21. Our new Multi-FFT allows for multiple FFT spectra on a single instrument, displayed in real time. The Multi-RTA virtual instrument enables multiple channels of measurement, also in real time. Both instruments can have independent per-channel […]

100 Things #79: Lock and Password Protect Your Test Sequences with Sequence Protection

With sequence protection in SoundCheck, sequences can be password protected, preventing unauthorized modification and viewing of sequence steps and data. This feature is perfect for distributing developed sequences to third parties, where you can rest assured that sequence parameters like limits cannot be changed to alter results. Sequences can even be locked to a specific […]

100 Things #78: Evaluating Stereo Soundfields using Time Selective Response

Time selective response in SoundCheck can be used to evaluate a stereo sound system’s localization and envelopment characteristics. By calculating the interaural level differences using a head and torso simulator, SoundCheck can measure and display the sound localization. SoundCheck can measure both the interaural level difference, and interaural cross correlation, all in a single sequence. […]

100 Things #77: Using Confidence Limits for Sequence Speed and Accuracy

SoundCheck’s Measurement Confidence is a powerful way to qualify factors that may influence measurements, like noise, settling time, latency, and quantization. Using the confidence limits feature in the analysis step, SoundCheck can display measurements along with any measured discrepancies. A sequence’s stimulus can be edited with tons of flexible options, including increasing both cycle count […]

VR Headset Leakage Measurement Sequence

VR headset leakage measurement is a useful parameter for VR headset characterization. While they are sometimes connected to headphones, most VR headsets also contain built-in speakers, often on the strap close to the ear. These small speakers often have considerable audio leakage due to their positioning on the band, where there is some transmission through […]

100 Things #76: Using SoundCheck to Test Communications Devices

Modern devices let us communicate with each other more than ever, in new and exciting ways. Telecommunications devices have evolved, so have the methods to test them. Today’s communications standards test the functionality of devices connected via USB, Bluetooth, and the cloud. SoundCheck facilitates testing these devices with the ability to connect to multiple devices […]

100 Things #75: Test Automotive Audio via A2B Interfaces

SoundCheck features full integration with A2B interfaces, allowing seamless audio measurements with all of SoundCheck’s features and functionality. A2B interfaces connect to SoundCheck using an ASIO stream, which appears in the hardware table just like any other audio device. A2B devices are great for automotive infotainment systems as they are lightweight and easily configured, replacing […]