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Limits Tutorial

This series of 3 short videos explains how to set up limits in SoundCheck from basic fixed and floating limits to advanced limits that use recalled curves and values from the memory list. Limits 1: The Basics Limits 2: Data Limits 3: Advanced

18: Displaying multiple data sets on one graph (working from home with SoundCheck)

There are many times when it is desirable to display multiple data sets on one graph – for example, testing multichannel devices, comparing devices, comparing measurements to the fundamental, comparing EQ curves, etc. In this short video, Steve Tatarunis demonstrates how to display multiple curves on one graph, both by simply dragging and dropping and […]

17: Predicting Listener Preference Using the Harman Target Curve (working from home with SoundCheck)

In this short video, Cam Ruffle-Deignan walks you through how to predict listener preference based on the Harman Target Curve. This free sequence (which can be downloaded here) can recall previously saved data as well as capture new data, making this a great ‘work from home’ project if you have previously saved measurement data on […]