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New Order Processing Specialist: Rocky Ludger

Rock-Andral Ludger (Rocky) has joined Listen in the role of Order Processing Specialist. In this role, Rocky is responsible for every order from the moment it is placed, through fulfilment, to ensuring safe delivery of the product. He is also the smiling face at our front desk and keeps the office running smoothly. Rocky joins […]

Updated Bluetooth Interface Supports High Definition and Low Latency Bluetooth

The updated BTC-4149 Bluetooth measurement interface now supports the aptX HD and aptX-Low Latency Bluetooth protocols for accurate measurement of high definition and low latency Bluetooth devices, in addition to the standard aptX, CVSD and mSBC codecs previously available. This enables manufacturers of Bluetooth audio devices to accurately test the audio of the latest high […]

Creating and Using Custom VIs Tutorial

This training video provides an overview of how to create and use custom VIs. Custom VIs enable you to extend the capability of your SoundCheck system by Programming your own highly customized tests which run within Soundcheck, which is useful if your device requires additional specific tests that fall outside of the SoundCheck test suite […]

Sequence Loops and Logic Tutorial

This series of 5 training videos explains how to use sequence loops and logic. Sequence loops and logic are extremely powerful features that can significantly reduce the time taken both to program and run tests. The first video walks you through the basics, then the following videos focus on 4 examples: Loop Stimulus Level, Polar […]

Message Steps Tutorial

These 3 training videos provides guidance on how to use message steps in sequences. Message steps enable dialog between the sequence and either the operator or external devices. These fall into 3 categories, each with a short instructional video. Part 1 – Operator Message steps – messages between the sequence and operator, for example to […]

Analysis Editor Tutorials

These 5 short tutorials guide the user through the various tabs in the SoundCheck analysis editor. Note: The next tutorial will cover the remaining tabs and the available analysis algorithms. Part 1 – Analysis Basics Part 2 – Waveform Analyses Part 3 – Curves Part 4 – Time and Delay Analyses Part 5 – Loose […]

Microphone SNR Measurement (Background Noise Method)

This sequence characterizes a microphone’s ability to passively and/or actively reject noise in the user’s environment.  Unlike traditional microphone SNR measurements which calculate a ratio based upon a reference signal and the microphone’s noise floor, this method utilizes a signal (speech played from a mouth simulator) and noise (background noise played from two or more […]

SoundCheck 17 New Features Video

In this short video, sales engineer Les Quindipan gives a brief overview and demonstration of the new features and functionality of SoundCheck 17, including the new level and cross-correlation trigger, average curve/waveform post-processing functionality, new color palettes, save to MATLAB option, and more.

Listen Releases SoundCheck 17: New Features for Multichannel and Voice-Controlled Testing

Listen is excited to announce the release of SoundCheck Version 17. This new Windows/Mac release offers many features to simplify multi-channel and voice controlled testing, such as a new level and cross-correlation trigger, average curve/waveform post-processing functionality, the ability to easily read and work with multichannel wavefiles, multiple DC Connect control, and enhanced database options. […]