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RT60 Room Acoustics

The RT60 room acoustics sequence measures reverberation time and clarity of a room using multiple microphones to accurately characterize measurement environments. This is important for smart device testing as measurements of both speech recognition and audio output often need to be made in fully characterized rooms with known reverberation times and clarity. The method used […]

New AmpConnect 621 Multichannel, Multifunction Audio Interface

The new AmpConnect 621 is Listen’s next generation multichannel, multifunction, high resolution audio test interface. It is ideal for any application where more than 2 channels are needed, for example, automotive audio, voice-activated device measurements, sound power measurements and measuring devices with multiple speakers such as soundbars and smartphones. With a sample rate of up […]

蓝牙音频测试 / Bluetooth Testing Seminar

June 3rd 2021. 10am (China Time) This seminar has now passed, but you can watch the video. In this 1hr online seminar, S&V Samford presents Les Quindipan of Listen, Inc. and Kristopher Hett of Portland Tool & Die demonstrating how to test Bluetooth devices. Kris Hett will introduce the Portland Tool & Die Bluetooth interfaces […]

Bluetooth Device Measurement Seminar

This event has already taken place, but you can view the recording here.   May 27th, 2021. 9.00am and 2.00pm Eastern US time (6.00am and 11.00am West Coast time) In this 1hr online seminar, Les Quindipan of Listen, Inc. and Kristopher Hett of Portland Tool & Die demonstrate how to test Bluetooth devices. Kris Hett […]

SoundCheck® 19 Released: New Features for Multichannel Measurements

SoundCheck® 19,  the new release of Listen, Inc.’s flagship audio test and measurement system, offers additional functionality for multichannel measurements, including a new Multi-channel RTA, WASAPI-exclusive mode, and AmpConnect 621 control. Additionally, the inclusion of room acoustics measurements offers increased capability for those looking to evaluate devices in real-world situations. Many of these features also […]

Measurement of Stereo Soundfield Parameters

The stereo soundfield sequence measures parameters such as Interaural level difference (ILD) and interaural cross-correlation (IACC) using a Head and Torso Simulator (HATS). The spectrum is measured at each ear and calculates interaural level differences (ILD), spectral balance, delay differences, and interaural cross-correlation (IACC). The measurements are made using different time windows, so that the […]

TIA-5050 Test Sequence for Narrowband (NB) and Wideband (WB) Mobile Handset Phones

TIA 5050 is a US standard with measurement methods and requirements for the receive volume control performance of both narrowband (NB) and wideband (WB) mobile handset phones. The measurements include conversational gain, frequency response, and distortion. Measurements are made at both 2N and 8N handset application forces, with different requirements applied to each. Either Free […]

Listen Expands Engineering Leadership Team

Listen has strengthened its product development team with the addition of two new senior managers with a vast range of industry experience. Engineering Director, Teo Bal, and Product Manager Ed Srenger will collaborate closely to drive innovation and strategic direction throughout the product design and development process.   Engineering Director, Teo Bal, brings a wealth […]

Advanced Microphone Measurement Seminar / 麦克风测试进阶篇网络研讨会

April 14, 2021. 9.30am (China time) In this 120 minute online seminar, S&V Samford presents Listen’s Technical Support Manager, Steve Tatarunis, discussing some of the more advanced aspects of microphone testing including: Substitution, Equalized Source and Transfer Function sequences in SoundCheck, including how to calibrate for these measurements. This is an expansion of material covered […]