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European Tour: Headphone & Headset Measurements

The challenges of testing today’s devices Presented by:     Learn about the latest in headphone test systems and methods from design to EOL Test. Industry experts Steve Temme (Listen, Inc.) and Peter Wulf-Andersen (G.R.A.S.), as well as guest speaker Chris Struck will discuss test equipment (ear couplers, test fixtures, test software and hardware) and […]

AES Europe – Berlin May 20-23, 2017

Steve Temme will be presenting a paper at AES Europe with Viktor Dobos of Harman entitled “Evaluation and recommendation of different audio test methods and measurements for end-of-the-line automotive speaker quality control”. In this paper they will discuss the loudspeaker characteristics that can be measured, and common measurement challenges and how to overcome them and […]

Headphone Testing with SoundCheck ONE

This SoundCheck ONE template sequence contains all the essential steps for basic headphone measurements using SoundCheck ONE and AudioConnectTM. The sequence can be easily customized and saved for specific products by turning individual measurements on and off, and by adjusting settings within each sequence step such as stimulus range and level, tolerance limits, graphical displays, […]

New Calibration Tutorials

This series of 7 short tutorials guides the new user through the steps needed to calibrate SoundCheck and Listen hardware. Part 1 – SoundCheck Calibration Basics Part 2 – Advanced System Calibration Part 3 – Saved Calibration Data Part 4 – Reference Microphone Calibration Part 5 – Amplifier Calibration Part 6 – Speaker Equalization Part […]

New Administrative team

We are excited to introduce our new admin team – Barbara Keane (Office Manager) and Brianna Everette (Administrative Assistant). Barbara and Brianna will be the first point of contact many customers have with our office. They are responsible for processing orders and supporting the sales team, as well as ensuring that phones are answered, visitors […]

New Speaker Testing Brochure

A new 4 page brochure outlines Listen’s capabilities in loudspeaker and  microspeaker testing. SoundCheck offers simple, fast and accurate testing of any loudspeaker – no matter what the form  factor, functionality, connector or additional features. It measures a full range of driver parameters via traditional analog or digital, wireless/Bluetooth, Toslink, HDMI or USB connections, as […]

Hardware Setup

This series of 4 short training videos guides the new user through the steps needed to set up SoundCheck and Listen hardware in 4 simple steps. Part 1 – Listen Hardware Part 2 – 3rd Party Hardware Part 3 – Hardware Calibration Part 4 – External Hardware

In-Vehicle Audio System Distortion Audibility versus Level and Its Impact on Perceived Sound Quality

As in-vehicle audio system output level increases, so too does audio distortion. At what level is distortion audible and how is sound quality perceived as level increases? Binaural recordings of musical excerpts played through the in-vehicle audio system at various volume levels were made in the driver’s position. These were adjusted to equal loudness and […]