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Bluetooth Device Measurement Seminar

This event has already taken place, but you can view the recording here.


May 27th, 2021. 9.00am and 2.00pm Eastern US time (6.00am and 11.00am West Coast time)

In this 1hr online seminar, Les Quindipan of Listen, Inc. and Kristopher Hett of Portland Tool & Die demonstrate how to test Bluetooth devices.

Kris Hett will introduce the Portland Tool & Die Bluetooth interfaces that are used to connect the device under test to the measurement system. He will discuss the technical specifications, and explain the differences between these and other types of Bluetooth interfaces. Les Quindipan will then demonstrate how these have been fully integrated into SoundCheck for simple plug and play operation, and how they can be used in test sequences. He will also highlight some of the algorithms included in SoundCheck that overcome Bluetooth-induced time delays, thus enabling these devices to be tested in a similar way to their wired counterparts. A complete test on a Bluetooth speaker and a Bluetooth Headset will be demonstrated.

There is no charge for this seminar, but registration is required.

Note: We are repeating this seminar in conjunction with our exclusive distributor in China, S&V Samford,  on June 3rd at 10.00am China time. Please register for this seminar instead if this timing suits you better or you prefer the slides translated into Chinese.

Advanced Microphone Measurement Seminar / 麦克风测试进阶篇网络研讨会

April 14, 2021. 9.30am (China time)

In this 120 minute online seminar, S&V Samford presents Listen’s Technical Support Manager, Steve Tatarunis, discussing some of the more advanced aspects of microphone testing including:

  • Substitution, Equalized Source and Transfer Function sequences in SoundCheck, including how to calibrate for these measurements. This is an expansion of material covered in the ‘basic microphone testing webinar’ and include more details about the sequences and calibration and the trade-offs of each method.
  • Advanced measurements including polar plot, phase, self-noise, signal to noise, distortion, active/passive noise rejection
  • Open loop microphone testing for voice activated devices such as smart speakers, automotive audio etc.
  • Advanced hardware and test configurations for measuring microphone arrays and MEMS devices

There is no charge for this seminar, but registration is required.


中国时间2021年4月14日 星期三上午9.30点

在这个120分钟的在线研讨会中,声振环保仪器有限公司以及Listen,Inc.技术支持经理Steve Tatarunis,会与大家探讨麦克风测量进阶的知识, 包括:

  • SoundCheck中的对比测试法、均衡音源和传递函数程序,包括如何校准这些测量。 这是“基础麦克风测试网络研讨会”涵盖的内容的扩展,并包括有关程序、校准以及每种方法取舍的详细信息。
  • 进阶测量,包括极坐标图、相位、底噪、信噪比、失真,主动/被动噪声抑制
  • 对语音激活设备(例如智能扬声器,汽车音频等)的开环麦克风测试
  • 语音激活设备的开环麦克风测试(例如智能扬声器,汽车音频等)。
  • 用于测量麦克风阵列和MEMS的进阶硬件和测试配置


无需消声室的20-20kHz自由场测量 / 20-20kHz Free Field Measurements Without an Anechoic Chamber


在本在线研讨会上, Steve Temme将解释如何在无需消声室的情況下,使用模拟自由场测量,在整个可听频率范围内提供准确的自由场测量。这样能让通常要在消声室中进行的测量可以在常规实验室甚至家中进行,这是对于当前在家工作的许多人来说是一项非常宝贵功能。





Remote Training

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we are not offering in-person group training classes. These will be resumed when regulations allow and there is the demand for it.

In the meantime, we offer customized online training for groups of people from the same company, and can offer flexibility in timing, session length and schedule. Please contact your sales engineer for more information.

Additionally, we will shortly be announcing some scheduled online training classes and these will be posted here as soon as information is available.


Don’t forget to check out our collection of Working from Home with SoundCheck videos on our Youtube channel. Our support team has created this series of videos that demonstrate features of SoundCheck that can easily be explored offline without full access to your lab.

If you are a new user, our series of on-demand training videos is a good place to start. These cover much of the content from day 1 of our basic 2 day training.