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Online Seminar: Microphone Measurement Basics

Sept 17, 2020. 9.00am and 2.00pm US East Coast time  (6.00 am and 11.00 am West Coast time)

Microphone test in Anechoic chamber (photo courtesy of Shure, Inc. Used with permission.)

In this 60 minute online seminar, Listen’s Technical Support Manager, Steve Tatarunis discusses Microphone Measurement Basics.

Listen, Inc’s SoundCheck electroacoustic test system is used by the world’s leading OEMs and their contract manufacturers on thousands of production lines worldwide. Although it can be used for testing a wide range of devices including speakers, microspeakers, headphones, headsets, smart devices, cellphones and more, this seminar will focus on microphones.

In this online session, Steve Tatarunis will cover the basics of microphone testing, including:

  • Common microphone types and how they work
  • Microphone specifications
  • How to measure microphones using the two standard methods available in SoundCheck
    • Substitution method
    • Equalized speaker method
  • R&D and production test environments
  • Important measurements such as frequency response, sensitivity, etc.

There is no charge for this seminar, but registration is required. Please sign up below. Note that you will be sent login details the day before. The same login details will offer access at both times, so you can choose to attend the one most convenient to you.

Online Training: Basic Sequence Writing (European Schedule)

Sept 23 at 3pm Central European Time, 2pm UK time, 9am US (East Coast) time [Note: rescheduled from original date of Sept 8th]

The ability to quickly generate test sequences is one of the most powerful SoundCheck skills you can acquire. We are bringing a 2 hour basic sequence writing course to the comfort of your own home with our new online training at a convenient time for our European customers.

This 2 hour course is a condensed version of the basics of sequence writing from our popular 2 day training class. We will start from the beginning, explaining how to determine the test parameters and hardware that will meet your specific test requirements. We will look at best practices for creating a sequence, and finally we will assemble a sequence from scratch. This course is ideal for novice SoundCheck users, or those who have been using SoundCheck with sequences that others have written and who are ready to start developing their own. This training is free to support contract holders and US $79 for others.

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Remote Training

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we are not offering in-person group training classes. These will be resumed when regulations allow and there is the demand for it.

In the meantime, we offer customized online training for groups of people from the same company, and can offer flexibility in timing, session length and schedule. Please contact your sales engineer for more information.

Additionally, we will shortly be announcing some scheduled online training classes and these will be posted here as soon as information is available.


Don’t forget to check out our collection of Working from Home with SoundCheck videos on our Youtube channel. Our support team has created this series of videos that demonstrate features of SoundCheck that can easily be explored offline without full access to your lab.

If you are a new user, our series of on-demand training videos is a good place to start. These cover much of the content from day 1 of our basic 2 day training.