MP3 Player Testing

This webinar explains how to test MP3 players and other portable audio devices using SoundCheck. Topics include measuring frequency response, distortion, cross talk, and jitter. Presented by Amandio Neves, Listen, Inc. Status: Recorded. Watch Webinar


Hearing Aid Testing

A general guide to testing all acoustic parameters of a hearing aid. It covers the basic measurements as well as the SoundCheck hearing aid test suite, which covers IEC and ANSI standards. Presented by Brian Fallon, Listen, Inc. Status: Recorded.  Watch Webinar


Bluetooth Testing

This webinar demonstrates how to set up your SoundCheck system properly to test Bluetooth devices such as headsets and headphones. It covers the unique challenges associated with testing these products and how to address them. Presented by Steve Temme, Listen, Inc. Status: Recorded. Watch Webinar