SoundCheck Online Basic Training, May 2023

Registration is now open for our Online SoundCheck Basic Training class from May 9th-18th.

The course will again consist of 6 x 2-hour sessions over a 2 week time period, and will cover all the same content as our standard in-person basic training course. Each session is led by a live trainer and will include instruction, demos, quizzes, breakout sessions and discussion. Hands-on exercises will be provided to be completed between sessions and reviewed in subsequent classes.

We are restricting attendance to 30 attendees to better facilitate breakout sessions, so sign up early to secure your spot. Registration closes on May 1st, and a 10% early booking discount will apply to all registrations received by April 17th.

Dates: May 9th, 10th, 11th, 16th, 17th, 18th

Time: 6 x 2hr sessions from 11.00am-1.00pm Eastern US Time (8.00am-10.00am Western US Time)

Attendees must attend all 6 sessions to complete the course.

Cost: $295 ($195 for support contract holders). Additional discounts for multiple people from the same company signing up together (2-3 people: 10%; 4 people: 15%; 5+ people: 25%). Additional 5% early bird discount when signing up prior to April 17th.

Instructors: Mark Latshaw and Pranav Swaroop

Course Outline

Session 1: Hardware & Calibration – Configuring audio interfaces and external equipment; certified audio interfaces; Calibration of different DUT types (telephones, speakers, etc.)

Session 2: Memory list, Data management, Virtual Instruments (Spectrum Analyzer, RTA, Multi-meter, Signal Generator, Oscilloscope), Sequence Editor Basics

Session 3: Sequence Writing Part 1 – Introduction to the sequence editor; stimulus; acquisition; basic analysis

Session 4: Sequence Writing Part 2 – Limits; Displays; Autosave; Recall; Printing

Session 5: Sequence Writing Part 3 – Messages & sequence logic; Post Processing; Statistics

Session 6: Sequence Writing Part 4 – Sequence Writing Examples


Group discounts are available for multiple attendees from the same company:

2-3 attendees: 10% discount

4 attendees: 15% discount

5+ attendees: 25% discount


Early bird discount: 10% until April 17th.

Register Now


Note about late signups: As training starts imminently, we do not have time to ship demo keys. This means that in order to participate fully, you must have a relatively up-to-date (version 20 or 21) hardware key available to use. If you do not, you can still follow along with the training in demo mode, but you will be unable to complete some of the hands-on exercises.

Advanced Sequence Development

Expand the capabilities of your test sequences by learning how to implement advanced functions such as conditional branching, looping, and sub-sequencing. Presented by Brian Fallon, Listen, Inc. Status: Recorded. Watch Webinar


Post Processing – part 2

Learn how to use the new post-processing modules introduced in SoundCheck 10 and SoundCheck 11 – waveform filter, Zwicker loudness and active speech. Presented by Steve Temme, Listen, Inc. Status: Recorded. Watch Webinar



In this webinar, we take an in-depth look at the limits editor’s settings and how to create limits for various types of data including curves and single values. Presented by Amandio Neves, Listen, Inc. Status: Recorded. Watch Webinar


Analysis with Batch Processing

Learn how to use the Analysis options in SoundCheck! We examine the analysis algorithms and how to configure their steps to measure frequency response, distortion, impedance, and more. This webinar will also cover how to use the batch processing feature first introduced in SoundCheck 11. Presented by Steve Temme, Listen, Inc. Status: Recorded. Watch Webinar


Stimulus and Acquisition

An overview of how to use the various stimuli in SoundCheck including the stimulus types, parameter configuration, and implementation via acquisition steps. Presented by Brian Fallon, Listen, Inc. Status: Recorded. Watch Webinar


Virtual Instruments

Learn how to setup and use the various real time instruments available in SoundCheck, including: Signal Generator, Multimeter, Spectrum Analyzer, Oscilloscope, Real Time Analyzer (RTA). Presented by Brian Fallon, Listen, Inc. Status: Recorded. Watch Webinar



In this webinar, we detail the process for calibrating each component of the test chain, including: reference microphones, mouth simulators, artificial ears, amplifiers, and more. It will cover the new expanded system-wide calibration setup first introduced in SoundCheck 11. Presented by Brian Fallon, SoundCheck Product Manager. Status: Recorded. Watch Webinar