CE Mark for SC Amp

SCAmpListen, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has received CE Mark approval for its SCAmp Audio Test Amplifier. Specifically designed for the audio test market, the SCAmp incorporates several features unique to the needs of audio test and measurement, and unnecessary features found in regular audio amplifiers have been eliminated to keep production line operation simple and error-proof. It integrates seamlessly with Listen’s SoundCheck audio test and measurement software and also works with other brands of test system for reliable audio tests both in the R&D lab and on the production line.

Launched last year, the product is already receiving positive reviews from customers for its ease of use, low distortion and accurate measurements. Its unique measurement circuit is patent pending and has been the subject of technical papers presented at Audio Engineering Society (AES) and ALMA conferences.

Listen president, Steve Temme commented, ‘We are excited to have this approval. It will certainly facilitate sales of SCAmp in the European Union and other countries that recognize or require this approval.’