Chicago SoundCheck Training Oct 2019

SoundCheck training returns to Chicago in October 2019. Please join us!

Basic 2 day SoundCheck training

Thursday Oct 10th & Fri Oct 11th, 8.30am – 5.30pm

This two-day class is designed to accelerate the learning curve for novice and basic level SoundCheck users. A combination of teaching, demos and hands-on exercises begin with the basics of system setup and calibration, using virtual instruments, and creating and modifying basic test sequences. On the second day, the sequence writing progresses to more complex techniques such as sequence loops, statistics and advanced post-processing.

Instructor: Mark Latshaw, Listen, Inc
Cost:  $950  ($665 with valid SoundCheck support contract)
Location: Doubletree Arlington Heights, 75 W Algonquin Rd, Arlington Heights, IL 60005
Course Outline


Scroll down for full class outlines.


Multi-person discounts:

2-3 people from one company: 10% discount;

4 people will receive a 15% discount

5+ will receive a 25% discount.

Note: to qualify for the discount, all attendees must register together, but do not need to attend the same days.


2-Day Basic SoundCheck Training: Class Outline.

In this class, we start with the basics – how to set up your system, calibrate your hardware and use the virtual instruments.  We then focus on how to develop and modify test sequences, starting with stimulus, analysis and display options, and progressing to more advanced functionality such as sequence loops and jumps, statistics, and advanced post-processing. The class is a combination of classroom-style teaching and hands on practical sessions, so that when you leave the class you will be ready to go in practice as well as in theory.

This hands-on class covers all the major features of SoundCheck, including writing sequences, test signals, analysis, distortion measurements and more. The class is a combination of presentations interspersed with hands-on exercises to ensure that you are comfortable with all the concepts and methods taught before you leave the classroom. Although no previous SoundCheck experience is assumed, the course still offers plenty to users familiar with writing basic sequences.  Content includes:

  • Overview of SoundCheck software
    • Software Options
  • Hardware
    • Configuring audio interfaces and external equipment
    • Listen Certified Sound Cards
  • Calibration
    • Calibration of different DUT types (telephones, speakers, etc.)
  • Virtual instruments
    • Spectrum Analyzer, RTA, Multi-meter, Signal Generator, Oscilloscope
    • Virtual Instruments – hands-on
  • Online forum, bug and wish lists
  • SoundCheck Steps & Sequences
    • Philosophy & Architecture
    • Creating and editing SoundCheck Test Sequences and Steps
    • Using the Sequence Wizard
    • Stimulus & Acquisition Step details
    • Basic analysis
    • Display
    • Data Management Hands-on
    • Limits
    • Sequence Development – hands-on
    • Printing
    • Serial numbers
    • Autosave and recall
    • Messages – user prompts, calling external devices
    • Post-processing
    • Sequence Development (part 2) – hands-on
    • Statistics
    • Sequence loops and jumps
    • Advanced sequence development

Note: This is intended as a 2-day class, but each day may be taken separately if wanted. The first day will focus more on setup, calibration, virtual instruments and some beginning sequence writing. The second day will focus on sequence writing in much more detail.