Customizing Color Palettes in SoundCheck

Have you ever wondered how to customize your display windows on SoundCheck? Change and personalize your graphs and background color palettes? Learn how to make these adjustments  by watching this brief tutorial.

Additional Resources for SoundCheck Customization Capabilities

Detailed explanations of how to customize your display on SoundCheck can be found in the SoundCheck manual.

Video Script: Customizing Color Palettes in SoundCheck

In SC, you can customize your display background and the color palette under Edit > Preferences > Display. You can check the box to display an image and change the background color of the main screen. You may click on the folder icon to upload another image file and have it either centered, tiled, or stretched. In the graph palette section, you can customize the colors of curves and waveforms viewed from the memory list window. If you are a fan of dark mode, you might want to select “black” as your background color. Click “OK” to apply the changes when finished. You can also make quick color changes in the display windows. Click on a specific curve and go to “Color” to change the curve color. You can change the colors of the background, X and Y grid lines by right-clicking on the display window and going to “Preferences”. If you are dealing with multiple curves and the legend is covering a lot of screen space in the display, you might want to switch your position to the right. Click “OK” to apply the changes.