Directional Audio Measurements with the MDT-4000 Turntable

Have you ever wondered about the thought process that goes into designing a new audio test product? Our sales and support teams worked closely with Portland Tool & Die during the design of the MDT-4000 turntable for directional audio measurements to ensure it addressed all the pain-points that our customers had with other brands – speed, accuracy, portability, control and more. In this short video, designer Kris Hett demonstrates these features and you can see how seamless integration is with SoundCheck.

 Directional Audio Measurements with the MDT-4000 Turntable

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Check out our product information page, and our comparison of the MDT-4000 specifications with other popular turntables

Free polar plot test sequence for use with the MDT-4000 Turntable. This gets you up and running quickly with polar plots, and can be used as a base for creating your own measurement sequences.

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