Discounted Hearing Aid Test Bundle

Are you testing hearing aids? Or considering implementing hearing aid tests on headphones or hearables? SoundCheck tests hearing aids at every step of the way from algorithm development to finished product. Check out our discounted hearing aid test bundle! Until Dec 31 2022 we’re offering our ANSI S3.22:2014 Hearing Aid sequences package, along with the two optional modules that are needed to run these sequences at a 25% discount.

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Hearing Aid Test Package

Item / Part NumberDescriptionList Price
3000ANSI S3.22:2014 Hearing Aid sequences package$1,000
2019Intermodulation (IM) & Difference Frequency (DF) distortion$1,000
2008Attack & Release – calculate rise or delay time of response signal$1,000
Total$3,000 $2,250

*Required Equipment to run this sequence: 

  • SoundCheck 20 Plus or later, including modules listed above
  • DC Connect (USB-controlled DC Power Supply) (link)
  • Audio Interface (e.g. AmpConnect ISC) (link)
  • Measurement Microphone (link)