Enhanced Loose Particle Detection in SoundCheck

Enhanced Loose Particle Detection is available in SoundCheck version 21 and later.
A new enhanced Loose Particle detection algorithm for measurement of transient distortion is more accurate and offers improved correlation to subjective listening. The new algorithm builds on the success of Listen’s original 2005 algorithm, the first method developed for detecting random transient production line defects such as rattling parts, loose particles and other foreign material in the voice coil gap. Based on the same time-envelope analysis, it introduces advanced algorithmic techniques to better highlight the loose particle defects while minimizing other artifacts. Advanced filtering methods enable the stimulus to be removed from the response so only the defects can be heard. This makes it easy to set limits in line with subjective tests. In addition to identifying distortion caused by foreign material in the voice coil gap of a speaker, it is also valuable for detecting rattling buttons on smart devices and Bluetooth speakers, and identifying buzz, squeak and rattle in automotive audio applications.

Watch the video demo of Enhanced Loose Particle Detection

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