External Control of SoundCheck Seminar / 通过外部控件使用SoundCheck

SoundCheck has led the way in production line audio measurement for over 25 years with its sophisticated suite of audio measurement algorithms that offer precise measurement, fast throughput, excellent noise immunity, and world-class reliability. However, many audio manufacturing factories are moving towards large, highly customized, integrated test configurations to evaluate products, not only for audio integrity, but often video, visual and other performance defects. This seminar explains how to bring the advantages of SoundCheck into your automated test environment using any programming language compatible with TCP/IP  including C, C+, Python, LabVIEW and more.

SoundCheck 凭借其精密的音频测量算法套件,在生产线音频测量领域处于领先地位超过 25 年,这些算法可提供精确的测量、快速的吞吐量、出色的抗噪性和世界级的可靠性。然而,许多音频制造工厂正在转向大型、高度定制、集成的测试配置来评估产品,不仅针对音频完整性,还经常针对视频、视觉和其他性能缺陷。该研讨会探讨如何使用任何与 TCP/IP 兼容的编程语言(包括 C、C+、Python、LabVIEW 等)将 SoundCheck 的优势带入您的自动化测试环境。

We will run through several demonstrations of SoundCheck integration including:

  • enabling TCP-IP in SoundCheck, and an overview of commands
  • Using external control to open up and run a SoundCheck sequence using a python script, and returning data for use in any application
  • Changing test parameters via external control, so that test procedures can be simplified by adapting test conditions on the fly for different products
  • Loading, playing and controlling volume of a test signal on a DUT using a custom step in a SoundCheck sequence.
  • Using external control to automatically equalize wave files loaded into SoundCheck via TCP/IP
  • Using MATLAB with SoundCheck.

我们将运行几个 SoundCheck 集成演示,包括:

  • 在 SoundCheck 中启用 TCP-IP,以及命令概述
  • 使用外部控件打开并使用 python 脚本运行 SoundCheck 程序,并返回数据以用于任何应用程序
  • 通过外部控制更改测试参数,以便通过针对不同产品即时调整测试条件来简化测试程序
  • 使用 SoundCheck 程序中的自定义步骤加载、播放和控制 DUT 上的测试信号的音量。
  • 使用外部控制自动均衡通过 TCP/IP 加载到 SoundCheck 中的波形文件
  • 将 MATLAB 与 SoundCheck 结合使用。

Presenters: Mark Latshaw, Pranav Swaroop

 演讲者:Mark Latshaw、Pranav Swaroop