Does audio test feel like Groundhog day?

It doesn’t with SoundCheck. Advanced test automation enables repetitive and time-consuming  tests on speakers, headphones, microphones, smart devices, communications devices and more to be run automatically.

Let’s take a look at an example. The AES75 standard for measuring Max SPL takes considerable time and operator involvement to run – there are multiple iterations of running a test at different levels, examining results, adjusting levels and repeating. Then again for the next speaker. Groundhog Day, right?

In SoundCheck, the entire sequence is automated! It makes measurements, objectively compares them, increases the levels, and repeats the measurements to the failure point. It then automatically reduces the level and repeats measurements repeated until the Max SPL value is determined. This leaves you free to kick back, listen to some tunes or work on something else!


Check out this short video for a demonstration of the sequence in action:


This is made possible by the advanced sequence writing options in SoundCheck, including looping. This short video demonstrates how to automate measurements with sequence looping to free up your time for more exciting tasks.

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