Introduction to Headphone Testing Seminar

In this online seminar, Listen, Inc. founder and president, Steve Temme discusses basic headphone testing for both R&D and production environments. Aimed at the engineer new to headphone testing, he clearly explains how a headphone works, how to measure various types of headphones, equipment for both R&D and production test, and provides an overview of headphone measurement parameters. He concludes with a demonstration of a basic headphone measurement in SoundCheck.

  • How a headphone works
  • How to measure headphones (including considerations for different types of headphones, and acoustic ear simulators)
  • R&D and production test environments
  • Important measurements such as corrected frequency response, left/right tracking, distortion etc.

Seminar topics include:

  • How does a headphone work
  • Different types of headphones
  • Ear simulators
  • How to measure headphones
  • Acoustic test environments (R&D headphone test vs production headphone test)
  • Important headphone measurements
    • Frequency response
    • Distortion
    • Left / right tracking
    • etc.

Presenters: Steve Temme
Duration: 56 Mins

Headphone testing resources

Our pre-written sequence for basic headphone test can be found in the sequences folder of your SoundCheck installation.

We also offer other pre-written headphone tests such as a sequence for measuring Active Noise Cancellation and a test sequence for testing stereo headphones connected to a portable audio device using open loop measurements.

Measuring to headphone standards such as IEC 60268-7 is also an out-the-box measurement with SoundCheck and our pre-written test sequence. More information about the ANSI IEC 60268-7 standard can be found from the official ANSI site.

More about headphone testing

Check out our main page on Headphone and Headset tests, which includes links to test sequences, relevant products and more.