Huge Discounts on SoundCheck 20 Upgrades

For a limited time we are offering deep discounts on a system upgrade to enable you to get up to date with the latest version of SoundCheck. The upgrade offer is a simple flat rate: $3,950 for owners of SoundCheck 14 or 15, $3,250 for owners of version 16, $2,500 for owners of versions 17 and 18, and $1,395 for owners of version 19. All the modules on your present system will be included. Promotional pricing valid till June 30th, 2022.

When you upgrade to the latest version of SoundCheck, the license is perpetual – in other words, you keep all the new features you have acquired for ever (or until you decide to upgrade to an even newer version).  Please ask us if you have any questions about upgrade licensing!

SoundCheck® 20 offers new features for multi-channel and room acoustics, as well as many usability upgrades including:

  • Enhanced Perceptual Rub & Buzz: Our new Perceptual Rub & Buzz algorithm is a reliable and repeatable method of detecting audible Rub & Buzz faults on the production line, increasing yield by rejecting only devices with audible distortion defects.
  • New Multichannel RTA functionality: The multichannel Real Time Analyzer now displays multiple channels simultaneously, and offers real time calculation and display of channel addition, subtraction, maximum, minimum and power average.
  • Updated Signal Generator: A complete overhaul of the signal generator brings additional functionality and simplified operation, particularly when using wav files.
  • POLQA: The optional POLQA (Perceptual Objective Listening Quality Analysis) module brings POLQA analysis right into SoundCheck, for perceptual measurements of speech degradation in communications applications ranging from telephones to smart devices.
  • Batch Processing of external files: External data files can now be batch-loaded and processed. This enables testing of a large number of external data files to be automated via a sequence, for example wav files of speech recordings.
  • New Features for Communications Testing: New stimulus steps and post-processing capabilities such as a silence stimulus step, and RMS level versus time and histogram post-processing steps support communications testing needs, for example, measurement of Doubletalk and other speech transmission parameters.
  • Stimulus editor upgrade: The stimulus editor can now create a stimulus from any waveform in the memory list and equalize and adjust its level, for example using active speech level. This enables such adjustments to be made to externally acquired test signals, such as those imported into SoundCheck via TCP/IP or recall steps.
  • Saving Multichannel Wav files: It is now possible to export multiple SoundCheck recorded waveforms to a single multichannel wav file.

Upgrade from Version

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If you are using a version prior to version 14, please contact your sales engineer for discounted price information.


  • Versions of SoundCheck prior to 15 are no longer supported. We highly recommend that you take advantage of this limited time offer to upgrade your systems to the latest version. Please contact your sales engineer to discuss additional multi-system upgrade discounts.
  • If you have multiple systems with different purchase dates, we are happy to work with you to get them all upgraded to the latest version and onto the same annual support contract cycle.
  • You can also reduce your future upgrade costs by purchasing an annual support contract for an additional $950. With this, you will receive SoundCheck 21 when it is released at no extra charge, as well as priority support service.

Please note that these prices are applicable to the US only. Users outside the US should contact Listen or their local representative for pricing information.

Please email your purchase order to You can also contact us on this email address if you would like to pay by credit card, have any questions, or need additional paperwork to support your order.

Please also see the detailed information on new features.