ISEAT- Shenzhen, China – Nov 9-10, 2019

We will be participating in China’s leading electroacoustics event, ISEAT on November 9-10 with our exclusive China distributor, S&V Samford.

Steve Temme will be presenting a paper on ‘The Challenges of Testing Voice Controlled Audio Systems’. In this paper, he highlights the common factors in testing smart speakers, hearables, and automotive infotainment systems, such as open loop testing, measuring speech recognition, and testing in the presence of background noise, and explains how to correctly measure such devices.

On display will be our SoundCheck audio test system and associated hardware for testing a range of audio devices including smart speakers, headphones & smart hearables, automotive audio, microspeakers, microphones, smartphones, tablets and more.


Paper Abstract:

Smart devices that are voice-controlled such as smart speakers, hearables vehicle infotainment systems are notoriously complex to test. They have numerous connections from wired to wireless and contain much signal processing, both on the record and on the playback side. This means that their characteristics change according to ‘real world’ conditions of the environment that they are used in, such as background noise, playback levels, and room acoustics. Furthermore, their multifunctional nature means that there are many aspects of the device that may need to be tested, ranging from voice recognition to music playback and operation as a hands-free telephone, and in the case of hearables, hearing assistance. Due to their complex non-linear use cases, these devices often need to be tested at different levels and different environmental conditions. This paper focuses on tools and techniques to accurately measure the audio performance of such devices under the many various real-world conditions they are used in.

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