Korea Headphone Seminar

Over 150 people attended the Listen, Inc./G.R.A.S. headphone seminar in Seoul on Tuesday March 6th, where Steve Temme, Peter Wulf-Andersen, Dr. Sean Olive and Prof. Lee spoke to a packed room about headphone measurement, perception and design and tuning. It was a great event and exciting to meet so many of Korea’s top audio design engineers. Thank you for coming! And of course a huge thank you to our very special guest speakers, Dr. Olive and Prof. Lee.

Videos of the event (in English and Korean) can be viewed using the links below (videos will open in a new tab).

Peter Wulf-Andersen – G.R.A.S.: https://youtu.be/sTZpShVDaoI

Steve Temme – Listen, Inc.: https://youtu.be/35TtshAENdo

Prof. Lee – New Media Communication Joint Institute of Seoul National University: https://youtu.be/mhLW03PvLmw

Dr. Sean Olive, Harman International: https://youtu.be/B8cNf0Q3tNs

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