Listen Introduces AudioConnect 2, a New Portable Dual-Channel Audio Interface

AudioConnect 2, Listen’s new compact and high resolution two-channel audio interface is designed for measurements anywhere from the production line to out in the field, and is particularly suitable for headphone testing. It features 2 input channels with a sampling rate up to 192 kHz, microphone power, TEDS support, a low-noise headphone amplifier, and two line outputs. It can be powered via a laptop’s USB-C for portability and for field measurements.

With up to 90kHz frequency range, its two input channels can be independently configured as TEDS-compatible microphone and accelerometer inputs with constant current bias, microphone inputs with constant voltage bias, or regular line-in. This makes it compatible with a wide range of transducers including both SCM and IEPE microphones, couplers, accelerometers and most modern head and torso simulators, including the high resolution Brüel and Kjær 5128. The inputs feature selectable 0/20dB input gain with level and overload indicators.

Two line outputs drive microspeakers and powered loudspeakers or mouth simulators, or control SC Amp (Listen’s audio amplifier) or other similar devices. A separate low noise, low distortion, headphone amplifier powers headphones or allows monitoring of the audio signal via wired headphones.

Designed for portability, AudioConnect 2 is just 4.375” wide x 1.8” high x 8.625” deep, and is powered from a laptop via USB-C, eliminating the need for a dedicated power supply. This makes it ideal for measurements outside the lab such as testing headphones and hearing aids in real-world environments and making in-car audio measurements. For additional functionality, the line powered BQC Bluetooth interface can be added to configure a fully portable Bluetooth headphone test system with both hardware devices running from your laptop’s USB power! A power supply is also included, making it equally suited to production environments where its rack-mount compatibility, ruggedness and competitive price point also ensure that it offers excellent value.

Like Listen’s other new interfaces, AudioConnect 2 is designed for seamless use with SoundCheck. Setup time is minimal as SoundCheck automatically configures the device, loads the factory-saved calibration values and automatically populates the input channels with sampling rate. Self-test requires no additional cabling as all switching is internal. There are no front panel controls; control is exclusively via the software – either through a sequence or a dedicated control panel. This eliminates any possibility of accidental change to the settings. Level and overload indicators ensure reliable results with a clear warning if the signal is near or actually clipping, and BNC connectors minimize the possibility of  a cable becoming disconnected.

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