Listen Releases SoundCheck Version 15

New multimeter

Listen, Inc., is excited to announce the release of SoundCheck Version 15. This release expands the testing capability of SoundCheck with additional external control, calibration, audio mixing and hardware integration, and introduces the first in our redesigned virtual instruments, the multimeter.

The redesigned multimeter now offers two views, a compact ‘meter’ view, or an expanded detailed ‘settings’ view. In ‘meter’ view, a clear, simple level meter is displayed, which changes color to warn of overload or near overload values. Averaging type, weighting type and bandwidth are also shown. In expanded view, 4 different tabs for measurement, averaging, filters and limit setting are visible, and options such as linear/log scale, filtering and weighting options, etc. can be selected. Enhancements to the multimeter’s capabilities include the ability to measure DC voltage in addition to AC voltage so that SoundCheck can be used with a DC coupled interface for making audio electronic measurements, high and low pass filters for removing electrical noise and low frequency background noise, and automatic scaling to adjusts the range of the display based on the signal.

New  TCP/IP control functionality makes external control of SoundCheck simpler, yet more powerful, a valuable feature for anyone who needs to control SoundCheck from an external program, for example as part of an overall test plan or factory automation. It allows communication with SoundCheck via any programming language, on any operating system, either locally or through a network, so that a single computer can control multiple SoundCheck systems. It also features a more powerful and expandable command format for interacting with SoundCheck.

Other enhancements include accelerometer calibration and force measurement to enable testing of linear motors such as those used in haptic devices, an improved plot legend with choice of placement, faster setup with a new ‘auto-mode’ in the hardware editor, better control of Bluetooth interfaces and an improved audio mixer.