Multichannel Spectrum Analyzer in SoundCheck

Multichannel Spectrum Analyzer is available in SoundCheck version 21 and later.
A new multi-channel FFT analyzer replaces SoundCheck’s original single channel spectrum analyzer. This high resolution constant bandwidth linear filter analyzer enables any number of live FFT spectra to be simultaneously viewed in real time on the same graph. It offers many  options including standard and custom windows and various weighting options. Averaging times and resolution are continuously variable and can be user-specified. Average, maximum and minimum levels can be identified, and overload and real time indicators highlight any problematic signals. Channel subtraction, maximum, minimum and power average can be calculated and displayed in real time. This saves screen space and allows direct comparisons when making multiple FFT measurements. Live FFT curves are displayed in the memory list and can be dragged and dropped into any graph for easy comparison to limits and reference curves. SoundCheck’s multichannel FFT and RTA can be viewed simultaneously, either side by side or superimposed on one another. This enables both high resolution spectra and constant percentage bandwidth resolution (eg. 1/12th Octave) measurements to be viewed at the same time. Typical applications include analyzing broadband speech signals while accurately identifying single frequency interference tones, or analyzing intermodulation distortion in the presence of speech or music.

Watch the video demo of Multichannel Spectrum Analyzer

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