Online Seminar: Microphone Measurement Basics

Sept 17, 2020. 9.00am and 2.00pm US East Coast time  (6.00 am and 11.00 am West Coast time)

Microphone test in Anechoic chamber (photo courtesy of Shure, Inc. Used with permission.)

In this 60 minute online seminar, Listen’s Technical Support Manager, Steve Tatarunis discusses Microphone Measurement Basics.

Listen, Inc’s SoundCheck electroacoustic test system is used by the world’s leading OEMs and their contract manufacturers on thousands of production lines worldwide. Although it can be used for testing a wide range of devices including speakers, microspeakers, headphones, headsets, smart devices, cellphones and more, this seminar will focus on microphones.

In this online session, Steve Tatarunis will cover the basics of microphone testing, including:

  • Common microphone types and how they work
  • Microphone specifications
  • How to measure microphones using the two standard methods available in SoundCheck
    • Substitution method
    • Equalized speaker method
  • R&D and production test environments
  • Important measurements such as frequency response, sensitivity, etc.

There is no charge for this seminar, but registration is required. Please sign up below. Note that you will be sent login details the day before. The same login details will offer access at both times, so you can choose to attend the one most convenient to you.