Online Training: Advanced Analysis

Sept 15 at 9.00am US East Coast time (3pm Central European Time, 2pm UK time) and 2.00pm US East Coast time (11am US West Coast time)

In this 2 hour training, we will be taking a deeper dive into some of the more advanced features of the analysis editor. This will be useful for anyone with a basic understanding of SoundCheck setup, calibration and sequence writing who is looking to add value to their measurements by optimizing their test procedures. We will be taking a closer look at how to configure various analysis algorithms, and the impacts of the chosen settings on measurement confidence and speed. This training offers value to both R&D and production users. We will cover:

  • Understanding and configuring the distortion options in SoundCheck’s Harmonictrak algorithm, including how to select the best option for your application
  • Configuring the Loose Particles algorithm to detect transients in waveforms to catch manufacturing defects that may not be highlighted using frequency based analysis
  • Using SoundCheck’s measurement confidence option to adjust the stimulus to obtain the best trade off between speed and accuracy
  • How to analyze ‘real world’ test signals (e.g. multitone, noise, music, speech) for measuring devices that do not perform well with sine wave signals (e.g. telecoms, those including DSP)

This training is free to support contract holders and $79 for others.

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