Perceptual Rub & Buzz

Perceptual Rub & Buzz ScreenshotThis sequence uses the CLEAR algorithm for perceptual Rub & Buzz measurement to detect AUDIBLE Rub & Buzz. It uses a simplified auditory perceptual model to measure the loudness of Rub & Buzz distor­tion in phons rather than the more traditional dB SPL and % distortion units. These better identify whether distortion due to manufacturing defects can be heard by the listener than conventional measurements. In addition to a result which corresponds more accurately to the human ear, this new test method also offers two significant advantages for use on the production line. It is less sensitive to transient background noises than traditional methods, therefore is reliable in noisy environments, and it is much simpler to set limits than when us­ing conventional distortion measurements. The sequence includes saved data that can be loaded from disk, so even if you don’t have a speaker handy you can still listen to the wav. file and see how SoundCheck displays the data.