Powerful New Post-Processing Tools in SoundCheck

Powerful New Post-Processing Tools are available in SoundCheck version 22 and later.

New powerful post-processing tools expand SoundCheck’s calculation capabilities and simplify complex applications. These include:

  • Logarithm and Exponent calculation using base 2, 10, or custom values, in addition to the existing base e.
  • Leq (equivalent continuous sound level) versus Time option for use in noise monitoring, communications applications, and many standards.
  •  A new ‘Intersection Modes’ option for greater specificity in the choice of finding intersection points.
  • An option to ignore units in arithmetic and constant post-processing. This facilitates simple mathematical calculations, for example, quickly subtracting a fixed number of dB to correct sound level from the near field to the far field.
  • A ‘Cosine Taper’ custom window in post-processing FFT which allows leading and trailing taper widths to be customized. This is useful for time-windowed measurements.

Watch the video demo of Powerful New Post-Processing Tools

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