Production Testing Seminar

In this short seminar, Les Quindipan explores the use of SoundCheck for end-of-line electroacoustic production testing. He discusses typical test configurations and the type of measurements that can be made, how to set pass/fail limits and how to optimize tests for high throughput.

He also explains how SoundCheck is easily scaled for high volume electroacoustic testing, with such features as external control via another program and auto-saving data to databases, and how SoundCheck’s capabilities are easily expanded through the use of custom steps to control all types of devices and test fixtures.

This seminar will interest anyone considering a production line implementation of SoundCheck, or curious as to how to transition R&D measurements to fast and effective end-of-line test.

Production Testing demonstrations with SoundCheck include:

  • How to scale for high volume electroacoustic production testing, saving time and money
  • Typical audio measurements used in production testing
  • Production test setups
  • Optimizing test times and accuracy
  • Setting pass and fail limits in a test sequence
  • Auto-saving data
  • Custom Step Applications
  • Controlling SoundCheck externally from another program

Presenters: Les Quindipan
Duration: 18 Mins

More about Electroacoustic Production Testing with SoundCheck

A read on about at using SoundCheck for Production, as well as the transition of testing in a production environment from SoundCheck in the R&D Lab.

Take a closer look at the hardware used in this seminar, the AmpConnect 621.

Resources for Production Testing with SoundCheck

Learn more about the  WATS test data management system referenced in the video.