Production Testing Seminar China / 产線测试网络研讨会

loudspeaker production lineMay 18th 2022. 10am (China Time) / 2022年5月18日上午10点(中国时间)

In this short seminar, Les Quindipan explores the use of SoundCheck for end-of-line production testing. He discusses typical test configurations and the type of measurements that can be made, how to set pass/fail limits and how to optimize tests for high throughput.

He will also explain how SoundCheck is easily scaled for high volume production testing, with such features as external control via another program and auto-saving data to databases, and how SoundCheck’s capabilities are easily expanded through the use of custom steps to control all types of devices and test fixtures.

This seminar will be of interest to anyone considering a production line implementation of SoundCheck, or curious as to how to transition R&D measurements to fast and effective end-of-line test.

There is no charge for this seminar, but registration is required.

在这个简短的研讨会中,Les Quindipan将 与我们探讨如何使用 SoundCheck 进行生产线末端测试。 他会讨论典型的测试配置和可以进行的测量类型、如何设置通过/失败限制以及如何优化测试以实现高吞吐量。

他还会探讨SoundCheck 如何轻松扩展以进行大批量生产测试,具有通过另一个程序进行外部控制和自动将数据保存到数据库等功能,以及如何通过使用自定义步骤轻松扩展 SoundCheck 的功能来控制所有类型的 设备和测试夹具。

任何考虑在生产线中使用 SoundCheck 的人士,或想知道如何将研发测量转换为快速有效的生产线末端测试的人士都会对此研讨会感兴趣。


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