Measure Anywhere with the New AudioConnect 2 Audio Interface

AudioConnect 2 is the first laptop-powered portable audio interface for field measurements of headphones, infotainment systems, and other devices. Compact, lightweight and portable, it offers sample rates up to 192kHz, 2 input channels to power most microphones, head and torso simulators and test heads, 2 output channels, a headphone amplifier and more. And what’s more, it interfaces to your laptop with a single USB-C cable that also provides power!

Whether you need to test the noise cancellation of headphones in real-world situations, make in-car audio measurements while driving, or test your products in noisy environments. AudioConnect 2 is a simple and cost-effective solution.

It’s also reliable and cost-effective for production line and laboratory use, with simple operation, automatic configuration with SoundCheck, and an optional power adapter.


  • Sample rates up to 192kHz and 24 Bits
  • 2 input channels that can be independently configured as TEDS-compatible microphone inputs with constant current bias, microphone inputs with constant voltage bias, or regular line-in.
  • 0/20dB input gain with level and overload indicators.
  • 2 line output channels for driving powered speakers, amplifiers etc.
  • A low noise, low distortion, headphone amplifier to power headphones or monitor the audio signal.
  • A Single USB-C connection to interface with the computer AND provide power.
  • Error-proof operation with exclusive software control (no front panel knobs), input protection, and BNC connectors.
  • Automatic configuration for seamless integration with SoundCheck.
  • Compact and portable – just 4.375” wide x 1.8” high x 8.625” deep (111 x 46 x 219 mm), and weighs just 1.25lbs (0.57kg).


  • Headphone measurements, particularly those that need to be made outside of a laboratory setting such as real-world measurements
  • Real world infotainment system measurements (road tests)
  • Cost effective production line test of headphones and powered speakers (or unpowered speakers if used with a stand-alone amplifier)

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