Smart Device Testing Seminar

Testing smart devices such as smart speakers, hearables, watches and more involves a combination of tests from many different application areas, ranging from simple transducer tests to open loop tests, Bluetooth measurements, voice activation tests, telecoms standards, hearing aid measurements and more. In this demo-focused seminar, we demonstrate how SoundCheck makes all the measurements you need throughout the entire smart device design process from component selection to pre-qualification testing.

Smart device testing demonstrations include:

  • Component tests: MEMS microphone measurement, directional microphone measurement, speaker evaluation
  • Prototype tests – open loop speaker test on a smart speaker, open loop microphone test on a smart speaker, Bluetooth hearables test, headphone Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) Measurement
  • Background Noise Tests: calibration, using pub noise to evaluate a microphone’s ability to reject background noise

Presenters: Steve Temme, Mark Latshaw, Steve Tatarunis
Duration: 48 Mins

Smart Device Measurement Resources

This seminar was originally broadcast on June 6th 2023. The recording below does not include the live Q&A at the end for attendee confidentiality reasons. However, several links to additional resources were provided during the Q&A session, and these are provided below.

  1. Internally routing audio: Open Loop microphone testing requires audio to be routed into SoundCheck. We recommend:
    1. Virtual Audio Cable for Windows:
    2. Soundflower for Mac:
  2. In response to a question about whether haptic feedback could be measured in a smartwatch, we shared a SoundCheck test sequence for measuring haptic feedback:
  3. We touched briefly on communications audio tests when smart speakers are used as hands-free devices. To learn more about Communications Testing techniques and standards, please see our Communications Testing Seminar.
  4. Similarly, in answer to a question about testing automotive infotainment systems, we shared our Automotive audio testing seminar

More about how to Measure Smart Devices

Check out our main page on Smart Device Testing, which includes links to test sequences, relevant products and more.