SoundCheck 14.1 for Mac

SoundCheck for Mac

SoundCheck for Mac

Listen is excited to announce the release of SoundCheck 14.1 for Mac. Offering similar functionality* to the Windows version of SoundCheck 14, this is the first large-scale commercial audio test software to run natively on a Mac. SoundCheck is a powerful software package which controls and communicates with your audio measurement hardware and contains all the stimuli, algorithms and functionality to develop and run complete audio tests on loudspeakers, headphones, microphones, smartphones, tablets, hearing aids and more.

SoundCheck 14.1 for Mac offers seamless integration with Listen’s expanding line of hardware products including AmpConnect, DC Connect, SoundConnect 2 and AudioConnect, making the initial system setup quick and easy, even for novice users and non-technical personnel. All Listen hardware products, as well as the Portland Tool & Die BTC-4148 Bluetooth interface can now be directly controlled from within the software, enabling them to be changed as part of a sequence.

Users of previous PC-based versions of SoundCheck can upgrade these to the Mac version for an additional fee. Contact for more information.

* Note that there are some minor differences between the Mac version and the Windows version due to variations in the development environment, particularly surrounding data export functionality. Please contact your sales engineer for more information.

More about SoundCheck for Mac (V.14.1) and SoundCheck version 14.0 for Windows  (same features )