SoundCheck 18.1 Released

SoundCheck 18.1 is now available. This update to version 18 includes a couple of new features and several bug-fixes. It introduces control for the upcoming AmpConnect 621 interface, an all-in-one multichannel interface (6-in, 2-out) that is exclusively controlled via the software for seamless integration with test sequences and virtual instruments. It also includes the new Auto Delay+ algorithm for increased accuracy of open loop measurements, especially in cases where the delay is longer than 1 second. It is particularly useful for measuring smart devices such as smart speakers, automotive audio, hearables, etc., where test signals are sent via the cloud. In addition, there are several bug fixes. Version 18.1 is available free of charge to all owners of version 18. If you have not received a download link from your sales engineer, please contact us.

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