SoundCheck 21 New Features

Check out our short demo video for a brief introduction to all the new features in SoundCheck 21. From exciting new algorithms for transient distortion detection, to security features to protect your sequences, it features something for everyone!

SoundCheck 21 New Features

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If you are ready to upgrade your system to SoundCheck 21, or want to discuss how SoundCheck 21 can help your testing needs, contact your local sales engineer or with any questions.

Already own SoundCheck 21, but aren’t on the latest version? SoundCheck 21.01, a patch for version 21 released in March 2023, and is a free update for all registered version 21 users. You can download it here. This patch fixes several minor bugs and is recommended for all users.

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The new enhanced Loose Particles algorithm correlates objective results to subjective analysis. To hear this algorithm for yourself, and to learn even more about how enhanced Loose Particles works, check out the full enhanced Loose Particles page.

To see some of the other great features, algorithms, and functionality from previous SoundCheck versions, check out our version timeline to learn more about Listen’s 20 years of innovation.