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SoundCheck 19 New Features

SoundCheck 19 builds on recent releases with additional functionality for multichannel measurements, including the new Multi-channel RTA, WASAPI-exclusive mode and AmpConnect 621 control. The incorporation of room acoustics measurements offers increased capability for those looking to evaluate devices in real-world situations. Many of these features also add value on the production line, minimizing setup time, reducing the opportunity for user-errors and ensuring smoother operation in automated situations.

SoundCheck 19 New Features

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A new multi-channel version enables viewing of multiple signal paths simultaneously. Spectrum settings such as gain, octave band, weighting, averaging and time-weighting can be set independently for each channel for complete measurement flexibility. The new Multi RTA also supports a power averaging calculation on the signal paths which can be used for spatial and sound power measurements.

The RT60 Room Acoustics module measures reverberation time and clarity of any room or space. This functionality is useful for quantifying how speaker(s) will interact with the acoustics of a particular type of room. SoundCheck offers extremely fast measurements using a continuous sine sweep with the Log TSR algorithm to obtain the impulse response. The reverberation decay curve is calculated from the backwards integrated impulse response.

SoundCheck now offers the option to operate in WASAPI-exclusive mode. The advanced interface offers superior communication with audio devices in recent versions of Windows, giving SoundCheck greater control over the audio stream. Multiple WASAPI devices may be used simultaneously, and it’s also possible to combine WASAPI and ASIO devices to increase channel availability.

SoundCheck 19 supports AmpConnect 621, Listen’s new high resolution (up to 192kHz) multichannel audio interface, exclusively configured via the SoundCheck 19 software. AmpConnect 621 features full plug-and-play functionality and TEDS support for automatic identification, configuration and calibration of microphones and accelerometers. SoundCheck 19 with AmpConnect 621 is a simple and cost-effective solution for automotive measurements with a 6-microphone array.

The new Diagnostic Window enables the user to suppress warning dialog windows when running a sequence and instead log the errors, warnings, and information in a separate diagnostic window. SoundCheck now allows use of a USB controller knob in both Windows and MacOS to adjust the SoundCheck Signal Generator.